My name is Madeleine Hamilton and I am a 16 year old in Texas who loves photography, exploration, and adventure! Through my photos, I try to tell stories and make the audience feel impacted by what they are seeing. All photos are mine and are not for reproduction. Thank y’all for looking at my blog!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Madeleine, I am a patient of your dad’s. I am a huge fan of Peter Lik and a huge fan of yours. You are as talented as Lik is! I hope to buy some of your pics soon . My husband lost his job 3 years ago and just got a new one finally. I love the hummingbird and I have a nephew that is a huge surfer in Galveston for your “Friends shouldn’t let friends surf”. That is just 2 pics I am interested in. Like you, I love to take pictures. I am a very visual person. I could spend all day looking at your pictures. You are so talented. I know you are in college doing the learning thing but clearly I can see through your pictures that God has gifted you with talent to display His world through photography. Don’t every give your talent up. Find a publisher! Frances Smith

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